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Supplier Relations 3.0

Transforming your business
to meet new customer needs

Have we arrived at a new consumer era?

Clear indications of a fundamental  transformation are evident: 79% of households stated that they were

concerned about food security, 74% are ready to

pay more for high-quality products and 76% seek out information about product composition

Many new initiatives are being developed by retailers to address these emerging needs and they all have something in common: data. It needs to be consistent, accurate and up-to-date, in order to offer the level of transparency expected by consumers, on all channels.

New tools are required to manage such large volumes of information: facilitate  communications, automate tasks, monitor data... Challenges that imply to reimagine the way retailers work with their suppliers in order to foster sustainable collaborations between each teams.

What are these emerging organisational  
models? What roles will need to be developed?  What paths should be investigated?

By reading this white paper, you'll discover:

  • How consumers are driving retail transformations
  • What are the new expectations concerning data sharing
  • How to adapt tools to answer new challenges
  • How to adapt teams and organization in this context