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Alkemics is a ready-to-use, maintenance-free SaaS platform already pre-configured for all your products.

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Ensure that your product data complies with all regulations.

 Easily share and manage all regulatory information related to your food, chemical and cosmetic products. Alkemics natively integrates the new regulations concerning CPG products.

“ Our mission at Winner’s is to help people live better lives by creating enjoyable shopping experiences. In our journey of creating this unique shopping experience we rely a lot on our partners, that is, You. 

In this regard, we are starting to collect and to digitalise product data through the Alkemics platform for a facilitated collaboration with our suppliers. This enriched and qualitative product information will enable product transparency and will improve the omnichannel partnership between you and us. ”

Jean-Michel Rouillard - Chief Operating Officer, Winner's 

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You can add your product data manually,  transfer it from your current management systems, your GDSN catalogue, or by XLS import.

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