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Collect product data from all your suppliers in one single place

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A Digital Collaboration Platform for Retail

Ensure Compliance with Industry Regulation

Alkemics’ native compliance checks offer peace of mind and ensure that the products on your website contain all required information and data.

Accelerate Go-to-Market

Increase productivity and decrease your time to market with automated collection, correction and sharing of product data.

Build Stronger Relationships with Shoppers

Power your e-commerce website and improve shopper experience with rich content built for the digital world.

Centralize Communication with Brands

Drive operational excellence through integrated and intuitive collaboration with manufacturers.

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Our platform is based on a flexible and modifiable data model, allowing us to adapt to the ever-increasing needs of each industry. Contact us for more information.

Alkemics for brands

More than 4 000 Brands use Alkemics to collaborate and share product data with retailers

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