The Collaboration Platform with your retailers

Alkemics connects every brand with every retailer to manage, collaborate and share product data in one secured place

Alkemics is a collaborative tool build for retail and trusted by 90% of the French grocery e-retail market

More than 4 000 brands use Alkemics to collaborate with their retailers to :

Simplify Content Exchanges with Retailers

Accelerate Go-to-Market by reducing listing delays and simplifying content exchanges with retailers

Drive Sales Online with Improved Brand Visibility

Utilize rich content to improve shopper experience across all channels

Address Retailers' Data Regulatory Requirements

Ensure your product data is compliant with the latest industry regulation

Centralize Data Management Across Your Organization

Standardize product data management to ensure accuracy, quality and collaboration

Follow, analyse and improve your data quality and relationship with your retailers

Simple reports allow you to follow in real time the conformity of your regulatory data, the completeness of your product pages and all your retailers ‘s requests

Gain agility and speed

By connecting and sharing all their product data with your existing solutions partners (import / export) in just a few clicks through the Alkemics App Store

Flexible tool built for both global leaders and SMBs

Alkemics is built to adapt to the needs for brands of all sizes, from the largest global organizations to the smallest regional player

Power your Product Data with the Alkemics App store

Supercharge your product data in just a few clicks by connecting Alkemics withthe sales and marketing tools you already use!

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Alkemics is a collaborative tool built for retail and trusted by 90% of the French grocery e-retail market.
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