Yooji Case Study

Yooji uses Alkemics to streamline and facilitate collaboration with retailers

Yooji Case Study

« We can create a product page once, then easily and conveniently share it with all of our partner retailers. In addition to greatly improving our responsiveness, we are now able to complete all tasks related to updating and sharing product information 90% faster. »

Philippe Briffault

Co-founder and CMO, Yooji

In a nutshell, Yooji was able to:

Speed up the time to market for their products

by improving operational efficiency

Meet consumer needs

by providing detailed and comprehensive product information

Share data from a comprehensive dashboard

by connecting with the Nielsen SME app

Alkemics lets Yooji collaborate with retailers easily and efficiently

Yooji’s organic frozen baby foods are becoming more and more popular with consumers, as well as with brands. This young SME uses Alkemics to help grow their business and speed up their products’ time to market.

« Healthy eating habits begin in early childhood. ». This belief was a driving force behind Frédéric Ventre’s creation of Yooji, a brand offering organic and frozen foods for babies from 4 months old (their name means “baby” in Japanese). The goal: create baby foods that taste as close to homemade as possible, and are available in convenient formats, such as their 20 gram portions.

Created in 2012 in a business incubator in the Aquitaine region before moving to an agrifood park near Agen, Yooji continues to grow and thrive. A third funding round in September of 2017 saw 4 million euros raised, with Danone Manifesto Ventures becoming new shareholders. The brand keeps on developing their offering, which now includes an additional frozen option – savoury finger foods for babies over 12 months. Development of new fruit-based products is also on the horizon in the months to come.

Speeding up growth through simplified data sharing and management

As an innovative and rapidly-developing SME (with around 40 employees), Yooji has to use all levers available to them to speed up the time to market for their products. The brand’s strong growth also leads to more and more instances where they need to share marketing and technical data with retailers. “Not a week goes by that our products don’t appear in new stores,” notes Philippe Briffault, Co-founder and Marketing and Sales Director at Yooji. The company also benefits from even greater visibility, as Alkemics is already used by 90% of France’s grocery e-retail market.

Increased transparency and enriched content for an optimized customer experience

For Yooji, it’s not simply a question of meeting regulatory requirements for baby foods. “Consumers think carefully about this type of purchase,” emphasized Philippe Briffault. “When marketing breakthrough products such as ours, it’s essential to present the product benefits to consumers, as well as instructions and advice for using the product. We can upload this type of enriched content, such as product photos and video tutorials, via the Alkemics product page. In terms of customer purchasing decisions, this wealth of information puts us on an equal footing with big brands, without the need for costly advertising campaigns that would be out of reach for a SME like ours.”

In addition to making it easier for the brand to gain exposure and provide consumers with detailed product information, the Alkemics collaborative platform for brands and retailers also contributes to Yooji’s operational efficiency.
“Though we’re in the heart of the digital ecosystem, we don’t have a dedicated IT department. However, we were able to easily connect the Alkemics plaform to our ERP,” explained Philippe Briffault. Viewed as practically an extension of Yooji’s internal business management tools, Alkemics offers a structured and centralized solution for storing product data and sharing it with retailers in real-time.

A convenient way to manage business information

“This means that we can create a product page once, then easily and conveniently share it with all of our partner retailers. We’re also able to complete all tasks related to updating and sharing product information 90% faster.” Said Philippe Briffault. Moreover, the platform provides Yooji with opportunities to highlight their dedication to the taste, quality and nutrition of their products. Alkemics is more than just a platform – it also a collection of comprehensive solutions designed to help SMEs with their digital transformation. This means that Yooji can easily access various innovative business applications in the App store. The brand is already using one of these apps, the Nielsen app for SMEs.

This service presents an overview of product sales volumes, distribution by geographic area, and types of retail outlets, providing Yooji with a wide variety of tools to help them grow their business.

Key benefits for Yooji

  • Operational excellence

  • Brand exposure and visibility

  • A complete and centralized dashboard

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