Feedback from Henkel Beauty Care

Henkel Beauty Care turned to Alkemics to help them ensure consumers have access to complete and comprehensive product data.

Feedback from Henkel Beauty Care

“On Alkemics, it is possible to view the compliance rate for our product pages […]. This is extremely valuable. Suggestions appear as we complete product pages to assist us with filling in the data, even for data that is not mandatory, but contributes to improving product information for consumers. ”

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Augustin de Villartay

E-commerce Category Developer, Henkel Beauty Care

Les principaux bénéfices :

Update 100% of product pages

For more than 1 000 products, in just a few months

Speed up the process of ensuring compliance

Thanks to bulk imports of updates (Excel imports) as well as notifications and autocomplete suggestions

Improve speed and agility

by sharing product data with collaborators

Looking for an efficient way to provide consumers with accurate, up-to-date product information that is consistent across all sales channels, Henkel turned to the Alkemics platform. The solution also enabled them to comply with strict regulatory requirements and provide retailers with comprehensive, detailed data.

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Henkel offers a wide variety of personal care products for the mass-market retail sector, including hair care, skin care and dental hygiene products, and even perfumes. What all of these products have in common is that a great amount of vigilance is necessary to ensure that consumers have access to detailed information about the products’ ingredients and precautions for use. “Of course, retailers have high expectations, and we need to provide our consumers with impeccable data. As some consumers may have allergies, it is our responsibility to make every possible effort to provide as much information as we can.” Explained Augustin de Villartay, E-commerce Category Developer for the Beauty Care branch of Henkel.

Quickly create and update product pages

European regulations for cosmetic products are considered to be the strictest in the world. “As product ingredients can change over time, keeping information up-to-date is truly a challenge.” explained Augustin de Villartay. Timing also needs to be taken into account: “Once content has been created by Marketing and validated by R&D, new product data is collected by the e-commerce team, generally during November. This means that we need to be able to create and update our product pages as quickly as possible.”

The Beauty Care teams at Henkel use the Alkemics platform to make this process as efficient as possible, while ensuring data quality: “As soon as we have the data, we easily import it into Alkemics using Excel templates.” Explained Augustin de Villartay. “As we can do this in a single step for all retailers, the increase in operational efficiency is clear.”

Facilitate collaborations via notifications and optimise data quality using autocomplete suggestions

Users can also answer questions from retailers regarding product page compliance directly on the platform: “By centralizing our management of compliance notifications, we can maintain our quality-focused workflow and reporting. On Alkemics, we can see product pages’ levels of compliance, as well as determine exactly what data on the page may not be compliant, whether it’s a visual in the wrong format or missing data. This is very valuable. Overall, it is clear that Alkemics has been designed with manufacturers in mind. When editing product pages, suggestions are offered to encourage the user to fill in the fields, even for fields that are not mandatory but can improve the information provided to the consumer.” In addition to providing autocomplete suggestions, the platform’s machine learning algorithms can also automatically detect errors or inconsistencies while the form fields are being filled in (allergy fields, labels, product categories, etc.) This facilitates and speeds up the verification process.

Increase the speed and agility of marketing and sales projects

The solution: with a few clicks, connect and share all of your product data with the software used by the company’s different teams. Via the platform, images or videos can also be added to product pages, providing content for projects such as advertising campaigns. Henkel Beauty Care has also benefitted from participating in the Alkemics ecosystem, especially the App Store. “Last year, we collaborated with Armis for the implementation of our geolocalised campaigns. Armis was able to connect to our product data directly via Alkemics, making the process easier. These days, we’re working with Data Impact, a company that compares visuals listed on Alkemics with those on the Click-and-Collect pages, enabling us to perform quality control on these visuals.” 

Last year, Henkel Beauty Care listed 800 products on the platform — today, this number has reached 1055. “All of our product pages need to be both error-free and entirely compliant with regulations before the products can be made available for sale. Our objective is to accomplish this within ever-shorter timeframes. ” The teams at Henkel’s Beauty Care department aim to achieve this goal with the help of the Alkemics platform.

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Key benefits for the brand:

  • Update 100% of the brand’s more than 1000 product pages in just a few months

  • Speed up the process of ensuring regulatory compliance with bulk imports of updates (Excel imports), notifications and autocomplete suggestions

  • Increase agility and speed up workflows by sharing product data with collaborators

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