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Case Study Unilever

Unilever transforms its product pages on e-commerce websites into genuine marketing assets, and increases ice-cream online sales by 24%

Case Study Unilever

« Advantages, visuals, videos and our brand values are key factors in making our products stand out. With Alkemics, we highlight this content and provide a rich, consistent omni-channel experience for our consumers.»

Romain David

E-commerce Channel manager,, Unilever France

In a nutshell, the brand was able to :

Increase ice-cream online sales by 24%

Promote its marketing assets

labels, advantages, recommendations, values, etc

Update and standardize product pages in one click

As the world’s 4th largest player in the food and beverage industry, Unilever is a key part of the consumer goods industry. The group is expanding, with more than 4,000 product references in France in four categories: food, beverages and ice cream, personal care and household care products. Today the group would like to take advantage of the benefits of digital technology, in particular e-commerce sites, to make its products stand out and develop new services. At the heart of this challenge lie digital data and content, which serve as a linchpin for interactions with consumers.

Situation: Go beyond IT constraints and legal obligations to make digital technology a true marketing lever for the brand and its products.

While digital technology opens up a world of possibilities, the volume and wide diversity of data combined with a lack of synergy between technology tools can act as a barrier in the consumer goods industry. Recent regulations requiring information to be shared between suppliers and distributors represent a real challenge for the centralization and efficient sharing of this data for industrialists.

“The complexity of sharing product data is twofold for industrialists. One one hand, they must address the diversity of in-house tools while on the other hand they have to handle the diversity and formats expected by distributors’ systems. Until now, these complex issues prevented us from focusing on more than a small volume of data, i.e. regulatory data (composition, nutrition data, etc.) and visuals. This information does not show all the advantages of our products and standardizing it across our different distributors was a challenge,” explained Romain David, E-commerce Channel Manager at Unilever. “In stores, the brand plays a major role in presenting the product thanks to packaging and events, but it is virtually absent in digital distribution channels. We wanted to overhaul our use of digital technology to develop new services and provide a rich, consistent omni-channel experience for our consumers.“

To expand its presence and extend its brand experience, the company was looking for a much more agile way to highlight and share its information and digital content within the company as well as within its network of distributors.

Solution : Better inform, guide and engage its consumers through direct, unified access to distributor pages

Today Unilever uses the online service Alkemics to manage its product information within the marketing and sales teams themselves. Alkemics platform’s openness and profoundly collaborative approach made it simple and easy to bring together all the necessary content. With one click of the mouse, the product pages can be exported to all distributors.

“Thanks to its simple, easy-to-use design, Alkemics allows our sales and marketing teams to easily standardize our product pages among all our distributors. For Alkemics premium distributors, we even have direct access in real time to product pages. Any time an update is made in Alkemics, it can be seen online immediately.“

In addition to regulatory product information, Alkemics allows you to create digital packaging. You can add a number of attributes to the pages such as consumer advantages, taste, labels, directions for use, visuals and videos. “This information allows us to differentiate our products by communicating about their advantages as well as our brand values,” explained Romain David.

Benefits: Better information for consumers and new merchandising scenarios.

“By absorbing technological and organizational complexities, Alkemics helps us to save time and concentrate on our core business: improving product visibility, improving brand visibility and, of course, boosting sales.”

Thanks to Alkemics, we were able to deploy our new “Hero pictures” for Magnum ice-cream products on e-commerce websites. We shortly noticed a 24% uplift on online sales compared to our product still showing the old picture. Compared to the average performance of the ice-cream category, these products generated a total of 27% additional sales.

The service also opens up new opportunities for e-merchandising. Making structured data available to distributors allows them to improve product indexing, searches and coordination of the e-commerce site. For example, it becomes extremely easy to create specialized shops (such as specials on picnic items, organic products or products from the Savoy region) or even, in the future, to allow consumers to configure specialized shops according to their own criteria.

This flexibility and a certain level of personalization of the buying process open up new doors to collaboration between consumer goods industrialists and distributors.

Key benefits for the brand :

  • Highlight marketing assets (labels, advantages, recommendations, values, etc)

  • Update and standardize product pages in one click.

  • A one-Stop shop to access and share product data

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