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Amplify the power of your customer feedbacks thanks to the Alkemics App store

Feedback from Unilever x ShopAdvizor

« Solutions such as ShopAdvizor use our product data, and automating how we share and update this data allows us to be more agile. The Alkemics App store gives us an opportunity to speed up these initiatives and access new solutions. »

Laurent Kircher

E-commerce manager, Unilever France

In a nutshell, Unilever was able to :

Become more agile by automating their flow of information

using Alkemics to share their catalog with a single click

Use customer feedback

to help them continually improve their products

Nowadays, customer feedback is a precious resource - as long as there’s a way to automate the management of this feedback that is suited to the fast-moving consumer goods industry. This was the objective of integrating ShopAdvizor into the Alkemics app store - an integration that would also prove beneficial to Unilever.

Digital transformation also affects the relationships between brands and consumers. Instead of one-sided discourse from all-powerful brands, the current trend is towards a more continuous dialogue. Recommendation has become more powerful than discourse : according to eMarketer, “Consumers trust the opinions of other consumers 12 times more than a brand’s marketing messages.” This idea motivated Unilever to collaborate with ShopAdvizor, a solution that manages user feedback, ratings and comments. This collaboration is opening a new page in the company’s history, with the help of the Alkemics App store.

For the past few years, the collaboration between Unilever and the ShopAdvizor program by TrialPanel has introduced the company to a 760 000-member community of consumers, proving to be a valuable initiative. Though the vast majority of e-commerce sites integrate consumer feedback into their product pages, the fast-moving consumer goods industry does not participate in this trend to the same extent. One reason for this is the difficulty of managing consumer feedback at the scale of mass distribution.

How can brands take advantage of the power of consumer feedback in the context of the FMCG industry?

ShopAdvisor uses the Alkemics App store to address this concern. Some elements of product data are often manually entered into ShopAdvizor, which works for campaigns focusing on a few well-defined product lines, but can be limiting when done systematically on a much larger product catalog. The Alkemics App store has allowed ShopAdvisor to overcome this limitation.

On the App store, information can be shared with available applications on the Alkemics platform with just one click. ShopAdvisor uses this convenient feature to access Unilever’s catalogues. This allows them to significantly increase their productivity, as the time needed to list products on ShopAdvisor is divided by 10 : where around 15 days were typically required to integrate about 1200 product references, this can be done in 1.5 days using the App store.


Increased productivity is not the only benefit of this solution : companies also enjoy improvements in data quality and data management processes.

The catalogs on the Alkemics platform are updated automatically, meaning the information listed on ShopAdvizor is too. Content created by consumers (feedback, photos, and recipes) adds to the available product data. Brands can then share this data with other websites (brand websites, retailer marketplaces, etc.) if they choose. In other words, this feedback enhances existing product data and can, like other data, be a part of a dynamic content syndication strategy.

For Unilever, results from a 2-month test period are currently looking very significant. For 1200 products, nearly 260 000 ratings and 135 000 comments have been collected. 117 recipes and usage tips were also provided by consumers. “We can use feedback and comments from this community to improve our products, address any issues or identify consumer needs.” Stated Laurent Kircher, E-commerce Manager at Unilever France.

This means that consumer feedback is not only destined to be editorial content on product pages – it’s also a valuable asset that can influence the evolution of these products. This is why it was important for Unilever to integrate this feedback as efficiently as possible into its flow of information.

“Solutions such as ShopAdvizor use our product data, and automating how we share and update this information allows us to be more agile. The Alkemics App store gives us an opportunity to speed up these initiatives and access new solutions.”

Key benefits for Unilever

  • Speed and effectiveness: time spent listing products is divided by 10

  • Improved data quality and customer relationships: 260 000 ratings and 135 000 comments

  • Constant product improvements: 117 recipes and usage tips shared

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