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How Nestlé France ensures sound product data governance in an omni-channel context

Feedback from Nestlé France

« The Alkemics platform includes more fields than we had even considered, and offers tools that simplify, and sometimes even automate, data structuring. The possibility of simply adding fields that are specific to Nestlé into the data model confirmed our choice of platform. »

Frédéric Loriaux

Data Quality Manager, Nestlé France

In a nutshell, the brand was able to :

Ensure effective and comprehensive data verification before the data is shared

Offer a more harmonized product experience for its customers

in an increasingly omni-channel context

How can a brand guarantee the continuity of their customer experience using product data?

This is a real challenge in omni-channel commerce. Nestlé France used the Alkemics platform to achieve top-quality product data governance.

How can a company ensure that their product data is accurate and compliant with all regulations throughout the entire omni-channel purchasing journey? For a company the size of Nestlé France, with 23 factories and over 13 000 collaborators in France, data governance quickly proved to be a significant challenge. All the more so because Nestlé addresses all age groups on the French market, with products ranging from child nutrition to clinical nutrition, and because the company features a wide range of products across 60 different brands.

The scale and variety of the company’s operations are not the only complex factors. Digital transformation, which the company has made a significant investment in, focuses on omni-channel commerce. And for good reason – a significant number of customer journeys now include multiple channels. This means it’s crucial to use product data to reinforce both the brand’s digital presence and visibility on each of these channels. This also presents brands with a new data governance challenge : sharing information – often from several different sources – consistently on each different medium.

« The availability and the consistency of data between these channels is key. If a consumer receives a product that is different than what they saw or read about online, it’s terrible for a brand’s image. It’s our responsibility to do our best to ensure that product data is comprehensive and consistent on all channels available to consumers. Explains Frédéric Loriaux, Data Quality Manager at Nestlé France.

Ensure optimized data sharing

In addition to being consistent, product data must always be compliant with changing regulations. Though Nestlé already has a Product Information Management (PIM) solution to centralize product data, the fast pace of digitalization means it’s also necessary to share data externally for various different purposes, such as logistics and marketing.

This means that data must now be organized and updated with the goal of centralizing as well as sharing it.

“Whether due to the cost and time required for these updates, or the responsiveness of our company, our current tools did not allow us to address our growing need to share increasingly large quantities of data with more and more channels.” Says Frédéric Loriaux.

With omni-channel commerce, data governance tools must address the data’s entire life cycle, from collection and aggregation in a structured and standardized data model to sharing it consistently across all channels.

In practice, this presents several challenges :

  • How should the data be organized to facilitate this type of information-sharing?
    For exemple, is it better to have a single “ingredients” field, or to have a separate field for each ingredient?

  • How can a company ensure compatibility between the data they share and the channels that will access it?

The Alkemics platform was designed to address challenges like these. “The Alkemics platform includes more fields than we had even considered, and offers tools that simplify, and sometimes even automate, data structuring. The possibility of simply adding fields that are specific to Nestlé into the data model confirmed our choice of platform.” Explained the Data Quality Manager of Nestlé France.

In addition to these features, Alkemics offers a data governance solution on a truly industrial scale, designed for the unique needs of retail. The platform allows users to easily create and manage a complex product hierarchy – each brand can organize its catalogue based on their own internal product data classification system.

A 360° view of product data

Linked with Nestlé’s existing tools, this solution provides a comprehensive overview of data connected to each product. “This 360° view lets our teams quickly verify all data before it’s sent to retailers and partners, notably the presence of regulatory data like INCO 1169.” Explains Frédéric Loriaux. This allows companies to carefully monitor data quality and compliance.

This product data hierarchy is also linked to comprehensive user management features. In a company like Nestlé, data is managed by several different teams. This means that it’s important have a hierarchical view of user access rights. Data governance also includes managing these rights, as well as keeping a history of actions taken on data. “We’re also able to monitor who the information is shared with.” Observes Frédéric Loriaux. “This is really useful for data quality and governance.”

Key benefits for Nestlé :

  • An efficient and comprehensive way to verify data before it is shared

  • A consistent product experience for customers in an increasingly omni-channel context

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