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How Nestlé France was able to synchronise its product information with the rest of its ecosystem

Feedback from Nestlé France

“ The Alkemics API and native connections with numerous distributors allow for a great deal of flexibility in terms of sharing product data ”

Frédéric Loriaux

Data Quality Manager, Nestlé France

In a nutshell, the brand was able to :

Increase productivity

thanks to automated product data sharing and syndication

Manage its flow of information securely

using an intuitive solution

Maximize agility during the development of digital projects

notably through information-sharing processes that are compliant with all applicable standards

In order to keep up with the fast pace of innovation and project development within their ecosystem, Nestlé France used the Alkemics platform to deploy an omni-channel sharing hub - a single, secure point of access for its product data.

With 5 of the company’s 34 R&D centers located in France. Nestlé France asserts the importance of keeping innovation at the heart of its development strategy. A strategy that is, unsurprisingly, strongly invested in the digital.

« We want to quickly enable our ecosystem to use product data to strengthen and harmonise the brand’s image, to create a more personalized customer relationship and customer journey, and to reflect upon the development of new services for our customers, summarized Frédéric Loriaux, Data Quality Manager at Nestlé France. »

A digital ambition that requires efficient and effective collaboration with retailers and partners.

To achieve this, Nestlé France decided to launch an omni-channel sharing hub, a single access point that allows different brand channels, as well as partners and retailers, to access product data. The success of this type of project requires three key elements : ease of integration, security, and day-to-day usability.

Alkemics, a SaaS platform dedicated to FMCG industries, has native connection with a large ecosystem of retailers.

From the start, Nestlé France was able to benefit from existing connections between Alkemics and retailers during their integration process. “The Alkemics API and native connections with a variety of retailers allowed for a great deal of flexibility in terms of product data sharing”, confirmed Frédéric Loriaux. This is also useful for the company’s customer-facing online content. “Our teams are working on connecting our CRM sites, such as croquonslavie.fr, which will allow us to easily add other applications and channels in the near future. This truly allows for more agile product data use and harmonization.”

This harmonized product data also respects the GS1 GDSN standards 3.1, which Alkemics also adheres to, for both reception and transmission of data. “Via its extensive data dictionary and its API, this solution allows us to achieve the level of business agility needed to share new data and innovate. It also guarantees optimal compatibility with market standards such as GS1. This is essential to maintaining and increasing our business opportunities”, explains Frédéric Loriaux.

An intuitive and secure solution that makes data and user management easier

The platform includes detailed and comprehensive security features. Before data is sent to retailers and brands, Nestlé France teams can review the information, verifying both regulatory compliance and the recipient list. “Alkemics was able to quickly integrate our security requirements, our product nomenclature, as well as different rights linked to brands and roles within Nestlé”, stated the Data Quality Manager of Nestlé France.

The Alkemics platform is appreciated for its simplicity in day-to-day use. Data management and recipient list verification is done through user-friendly visual interfaces, helping to reconcile innovation and industrialization.

Key benefits for Nestlé

  • Increased productivity via automated product data syndication and sharing

  • An intuitive solution for a secure flow of information

  • An agile way to ensure the success of digital projects, through compliance with data-sharing standards

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