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Feedback from Michel et Augustin

How Michel et Augustin streamlined their process of sharing product data with retailers

Feedback from Michel et Augustin

“High-quality, consistent data is the foundation for a lasting relationship of trust with consumers”

Michel de Rovira

Co-founder, Michel et Augustin

Key benefits:

Productivity is doubled

with product pages created in half the time

Data is centralized

and can be exported more easily

Data is shared efficiently

with retailers and consumers

How Michel et Augustin streamlined their process of sharing product data with retailers

In four months, this innovative company was able to cut the time it took to share their product data in half, while also enhancing the quality of this data. Here’s how.


“Too much different data for the same product.” This is what led Brice Bonal, Supermarket Key Accounts Assistant at Michel et Augustin, to implement the Alkemics solution to share product data with retailers. “At the end of 2017, we were already using the platform to communicate with click-and-collect locations. In 2018, it became clear that we needed to centralize our data to improve its quality as well as our overall data sharing process. The Alkemics team was responsive and proposed other initiatives, which is why, in addition to click-and-collect, we use a single solution to share product data with retailers: Alkemics.”

So, what won the brand over? “The ability to centralize data, and how easy it is to export it,” summarized Brice Bonal. Before using Alkemics, data was exported from the ERP and disbursed among different solutions before being uploaded to the various different tools used by retailers. “In practice, this means we had to manage several sources and tools to respond to all of our retailers’ requests, ensure effective product listing with retailers, and send data to different digital channels. All of this required a great deal of manual data management and Excel sheets.”  In addition to not being very productive, this workflow made ensuring the quality of this data extremely complicated.

Creating a product page in 20 minutes instead of 45

Nowadays, data is sent from the ERP to a repository hosted by Alkemics. “The platform takes care of relaying our product data in the formats that our retailers require. It also offers suggestions to make our data more comprehensive. Alerts also prevent the data from being exported if it does not meet retailers’ requirements, which acts as a safeguard. This also enables us to make corrections at the source, inside the ERP, when Alkemics detects an inconsistency, in areas such as logistical data.”Explained Brice Bonal.

Using Alkemics changed the company’s day-to-day operations in a concrete way: “Once the data was exported from the ERP, it used to take 45 minutes to create a product page and adapt it to the required format. Nowadays, this can be done in 20 minutes.”, He continued. With 157 product references currently active, this is a significant productivity gain. “What we are looking for is not only an increase in operational efficiency, but also an improvement in data quality. Our goal is clear: data that is 100% compliant with regulatory requirements and our retailers’ needs, by the end of this quarter.”

Sharing product data with consumers

To achieve this, Brice Bonal uses all the various different features offered by Alkemics, and already has a few favourites: “It is very convenient to confirm, with a single click, that everyone has successfully received the data.” He explained. “I also use the chat feature a lot, which makes it much easier to communicate with retailers. It really helps us build a good rapport. Overall, from my perspective, Alkemics’ biggest achievement is their ability to find a delicate balance: centralizing data to enable it to be shared in the various formats required… but without letting the system become overly complex, and even making it so user-friendly that no training is necessary.”

They also have lots of ideas for the future: “The platform is constantly growing to include new features, and the Alkemics team gives me the opportunity to preview these and offer feedback, which I really appreciate.” “High-quality, consistent data is the foundation for a lasting relationship of trust with consumers”, Noted Michel de Rovira, co-founder of the brand. The brand is also looking to use Alkemics to provide high-quality product data to be used on food transparency apps such as Yuka, as well as Google Manufacturer Center. These new initiatives are aimed at ensuring that reliable product data is available for the final consumer.

Key benefits for Michel et Augustin :

  • An increase in productivity

  • Improved data quality

  • Ability to centralize and share product data

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