Case Study Lavazza

Lavazza enhanced its product presentation on e-commerce sites to affirm and harmonize the brand’s high-end positioning across all channels

Feedback from Lavazza

“ Entering all our product information on Alkemics only takes a day, while communicating this information via different mediums to various different people would take over a week. The ability to send product information to several retailers with a single click and make real-time updates to this information saves a lot of time. ”

Haoua Ka Girard

Head of E-Commerce and Sales Force Effectiveness, Lavazza

In a nutshell, the brand was able to :

Harmonize advertising content across all channels

Emphasize consumer benefits

labels, advantages, usage tips, values, etc.

Share product information with a single click, increasing productivity

A historic family-owned company founded in 1895, Lavazza is one of the most renowned coffee roasters in the world, with 1.4 billion euros in turnover in 2015. The brand, present in more than 90 countries around the world, continues to grow on an international level. Positioned as a premium brand, Lavazza's expertise and product quality are at the heart of thier business and marketing strategies. The rise of digital has presented the company with a new challenge : conveying its premium brand image on e-commerce sites to engage online shoppers.

Need : Transfer in-store marketing efforts to e-commerce sites, in order to highlight the brand’s premium positioning and influence consumer perception.

In the highly-competitive coffee sector, consumer perception and brand image are key differentiating factors. With this in mind, Lavazza has been able to develop original new products that set the spotlight on the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality.

“For two years, we’ve been investing in TV advertising, new packaging, in-store events, contests, partnerships and both in-store and out-of-store activations (the brand is, for the second year in a row, an official supplier of the Roland Garros tennis tournament) with the goal of increasing brand visibility and customer proximity. These strategies allow us to highlight our brand’s historic commitment to quality, while further developing its dynamic and modern image.” Explains Haoua Ka Girard, Head of E-Commerce and Sales Force Effectiveness at Lavazza

Used to these types of in-store strategies, the brand was tasked with creating customer relationships via the more remote and indirect channel of e-commerce.

“At the moment, there’s a difference between the brand image that Lavazza conveys in-store and what can be found on e-commerce sites. The information provided is often minimal, and inconsistent from one site to the next. Developing a harmonized brand image across all channels has proven to be a real challenge. We’ve developed many different types of content (visuals, recipes, videos, etc.) but it’s not always easy to use them to convey our product benefits on e-commerce sites. It’s often the retailer that chooses what content to put on their site, and few of them implement this kind of rich media.” Notes Haoua Ka Girard.

To address this challenge, Lavazza was looking for a way to enrich their product information on e-commerce sites and keep it up-to-date. “It’s essential that our brand content on e-commerce websites is just as high-quality and up-to-date as what customers can find in-store. If it is not, it would result in a lack of cohesiveness and consistency in our brand experience.”

Project: Enrich product information on e-commerce websites and synchronize this data with retailer websites in a single day.

Lavazza decided to use the Alkemics platform to accomplish these goals. Alkemics has allowed the company to convey the same messages on both their product packaging and e-commerce sites, using marketing content : advantages, brand history, recipes and videos. Moreover, the Alkemics platform is already linked to the retailers.

First, the company needed to identify and centralize the key content that they wished to highlight.

Once they collected all of this information, it was added to and shared via the platform. “Thanks to our successful collaboration with Alkemics, as well as their responsiveness, we could add rich content to our product data in less than a day. This hadn’t been possible up until now, and we didn’t think we’d be able to include the content on e-commerce sites in such a short period of time. One of the main advantages of this solution is being able to update our product information on partner sites in real-time. This principle of “entering information, sharing it, then seeing the results” has allowed us to significantly increase our productivity.” Explains Haoua Ka Girard.

To make it easier to put new content online and to speed up content centralization and sharing, Lavazza intends to use the platform to collaborate with other teams.

Benefits : The Lavazza brand image is consistent and identical across all channels.

“Alkemics has helped us implement our brand’s repositioning strategy. There used to be a lack of consistency between the brand image conveyed in stores and on e-commerce websites. The ability to include rich and up-to-date content that highlights our differentiating factors lets us offer the same customer messages and experience on every channel.” Says Haoua Ka Girard.

Thanks to Alkemics, the brand was able to implement their strategies quicker and more efficiently.

Haoua Ka Girard notes another benefit of the platform:

“Entering all our product information on Alkemics only takes a day, while communicating this information via different mediums to various different people would take over a week. The ability to send product information to several retailers with a single click and make real-time updates to this information saves a lot of time.”

Key benefits for the brand :

  • Highlighting customer benefits (labels, advantages, tips, values, etc.)

  • Harmonizing messages on all channels

  • Sharing product pages with one click

  • Increased productivity

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