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Case study La Martiniquaise

La Martiniquaise helps online shoppers to discover its products through engaging content

Case Study La Martiniquaise

« Within this market both the product and the tasting experience itself are equally important to consumers.
In e-commerce, access to quality visuals, product information and marketing content, no matter what type of site it is, are vital assets. »

Aurélie Bourgereau

Digital Manager, La Martiniquaise Group

In a nutshell, the brand was able to :

Update product descriptions in real time

Highlight its marketing assets

labels, advantages, tips, pricing, etc.…

In company: to simplify access and file sharing

Groupe LM, an independent French group founded in 1934, is the market leader of the festive drinks sector in France and falls within the top 10 worldwide liquor companies boasting a broad portfolio of international brands. The group produces the world’s No.1 Port (Cruz) in addition to France’s leading brands of rum (St James, Old Nick, Negrita) and Vodka (Polyakov). Within what is a highly competitive market, the company now hopes to reach new customers – to do so, it will rely on the quality and history of its products as well as its proximity to consumers.

Market need: Pleasure has to be placed in a prime position when it comes to ecommerce consumer relations – this means tips and advice in terms of consumption, despite the lack of contact with the product.

Product quality and the tasting experience are two key elements in the relationship between product and consumer, particularly in the spirits sector. In order to meet such expectations, Groupe LM has long invested in the quality of its products as well as its in-house know-how. The company is now developing a vast array of content to accompany its spirit product descriptions. “Many of our products reflect the history behind their strong regional roots. With a view to assisting our consumers, we enjoy not only communicating on these values, but also developing an educational approach which is accessible to all, giving our clients the opportunity to discover new ways of enjoying our drinks, whether as a cocktail or with meals (tapas, main courses, desserts …). Much of this content is made available through our sites: InstantsApéritifs.fr and DestinationCocktails.fr.” explains Aurélie Bourgereau, Digital Manager.

Although the company is used to interacting with consumers through methods such as instore posters, promotions or cocktail workshops, it now faces new challenges in ecommerce. “E-commerce challenges our typical marketing approaches and methods. Without direct contact with the product, consumers decide to purchase a product in mere seconds based on a visual and very little information. Within those few seconds, the brakes that can be put on the decision making process (due to quality or pleasure – mode of consumption, taste, …) are even stronger. Today, the lack of information and quality content on sites are sources of purchase abandonment.” Groupe LM now wishes to develop its content to meet these expectations, to engage with consumers, and to offer the same level of experience that is available in stores. It hopes to go even further with the possibilities offered by Digital content in terms of the richness product descriptions.


Solution: Simplifying collaboration with e-commerce distributors in order to make a profit from brand marketing efforts.

Today, Groupe LM brands are using the online service Alkemics to manage product information and send it out to its distributors. Thanks to its collaborative approach, its compatibility in terms of the group’s in-company tools and its ability to connect with distributors, Alkemics simplifies content exchange and avoids the need to repeat burdensome administrative tasks.

We can go beyond the trade we do with our electronic catalogue and develop the strengths of our products as well as product description content. Visuals, labels, history, production methods, cocktails recipes (including videos) are all examples of content of which we can now make the most. The distributor is the master of the customer journey; and we can now add to this by bringing our expertise in product presentation directly to consumers.” explains Aurélie Bourgereau.


Advantages: A continuous experience for consumers in the discovery and use of our products.

By providing new e-commerce levers, Alkemics has allowed us to wipe the slate clean and offer the same experience or possibly an increased experience to our consumers regardless of the point-of-sale.” adds Aurélie.

The service is opening up new opportunities for communication. “By sharing our content with distributors, we are allowing them to address their customers in the future through innovative methods e.g. a simple recipe for a Mojito or an original cocktail using mango juice such as our Batida de Manga. This is an opportunity for us to create an affinity with our brands and to present the advantages of our products at the same time as providing the consumer with a valuable service.

Key benefits for the brand :

  • Product descriptions updated in real time

  • Highlighting of marketing assets (labels, advantages, tips, pricing, etc.…)

  • Standardisation of product descriptions in just one click

  • In company: simplified access and file sharing

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