Case study Iglo

With Alkemics, Iglo has made brand content central to its e-merchandising strategy in order to engage consumers in online stores

Case Study Iglo

«Online sales now offer new communications tools. It is therefore crucial for us to make maximum use of these tools in order to improve the consumer experience and promote the advantages of our products. Alkemics offers a multi- beneficial solution in terms of both reliability of data and enrichment of content »

Vincent de Chiara

Vincent de Chiara

Category & Trade Marketing Manager, Iglo

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In a nutshell, the brand was able to :

Increase productivity and reliability of data

Promote its marketing assets

labels, advantages, recipes, etc.

Harmonise its product files in one click

Present in more than ten European countries, IGLO is the European leader in the frozen food market. The IGLO brand offers several ranges of fish, chicken and vegetables with no preservatives, colours or artificial flavourings. The brand promotes healthy, naturefriendly eating. IGLO is now looking to grasp the opportunities offered by digital technology and online stores.

The challenges include responding to standards imposed on manufacturers while showcasing the advantages of the product.

The Need: To use marketing content and information to improve consumer perception of product quality in online stores

While digital technology offers a range of opportunities, some are difficult to grasp. The brand/consumer relationship is difficult to establish in online stores.

For IGLO, the main aim is to showcase the qualitative aspects of its products within the purchasing journey. While it has proven complex to reassure ever-more demanding consumers as to the quality of products in supermarkets and hypermarkets, the challenge appears even greater in online stores where there is no contact with the product.

The main difficulty for consumers in online stores is access to product information. The implementation of standard INCO 1169 has allowed us to offer more information on the ‘fundamental’ characteristics of the product. Our aim now is to convey the qualitative aspects of our products in online stores as we would in hypermarkets“, explains Vincent de Chiara, Category & Trade Marketing Manager. “In addition to fundamentals such as the origin of the product, we’re keen to supply more comprehensive information on the selection, preparation and consumption methods relative to our products. In supermarkets, the product packaging or our presence in the sales outlet through POS or displays allow us to promote this information. For instance, we include recipe ideas on most of our products and share them with our distributors to get them displayed on communications materials. These key assets inform the consumer on the quality of our products and offer guidance on how use them. We want to be able to convey the same information in online stores in order to underline the qualitative aspects of our products vis-à-vis the competition. This aim appears simple but achieving it in online stores is a real challenge.

Sharing product information with our distributors is not easy now. We use a variety of files for the INCO information and for the rich content we’re required to juggle numerous constraints and communication channels. Our challenge is to enrich, simplify and streamline these content exchanges to ensure their availability as soon as our products go online“, says Vincent de Chiara.

It is therefore important for the brand to find a solution that allows it to easily manage and share this INCO information while including rich content (labels, recipes, product advantages, etc.).

The Solution: Alkemics, a simple and unique solution to share all marketing content and information with the distributors.

Alkemics platform was presented to IGLO as a real solution to manage and distribute its product information and marketing content. “The compulsory INCO information is the only common base for distributors. Afterwards, they all request different information and methods of exchange which complicates the completion of product information. With Alkemics, this exchange is now transparent and it is no longer necessary to repeatedly fill in large numbers of files. Once completed on Product Stream, the product information is exported and distributed in the right format to our distributors and sometimes in real time with Alkemics partner distributors“, says Vincent.

Furthermore, Alkemics has natively integrated the management of a large amount of rich content (advantages, labels, recipes, videos, photos, etc.). For IGLO, the ability to add rich content to the product sheet represents a range of opportunities. “The rich content files offer continuity for consumers in terms of the product packaging they are familiar with in-store. This is a fun and effective method to improve the quality perception of a product through online stores.”

Benefits: A rich online product experience consistent with supermarkets and hypermarkets

As Vincent explains, “before working with Alkemics, the updating and harmonising of basic or more comprehensive product information could be tedious. The fact that an external company has succeeded in centralising all of these requests on a single interface allowing this product data to be exported helps save time and improve efficiency“.

The platform also helps enhance the brand marketing. “A product sheet with rich content is a means of establishing a closer link with consumers. The recipes allow us to showcase the qualitative aspects of our products in an engaging manner. The consumer no longer simply sees our product—with the recipes and photos, they can easily picture themselves cooking and consuming it.”

Key benefits for the brand :

  • Increased productivity and reliability of data (prevents copy–paste errors)

  • Promotion of marketing assets (labels, advantages, recipes, etc.)

  • Harmonisation of product files in one click

Iglo case

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