Case Study Armis

Innovate with a phygital campaign powered by the Alkemics App store

Feedback from Armis x Henkel Beauty Care x Franprix

“This campaign allowed us to provide rich content, such as photos, videos, descriptions and tutorials, for products already listed on the Alkemics platform, while creating a direct link to the retail outlet.”

Sophie Moreau

Head of Digital and E-Commerce, Henkel Beauty Care France

In a nutshell, Henkel was able to:

Implement an innovative phygital advertising campaign

by sharing rich content securely and with a single click

Provide engaging, high-quality

and up-to-date content

Benefit from collaborations between retailers, brands and innovative new startups

a key feature of the modern retail ecosystem

The online world and physical retail outlets can complement each other by providing website visitors with content related to local stores. This is the goal of the “multilocal” advertising solution by Armis, used as part of a Henkel Beauty Care and Franprix campaign. The ads in this campaign were created using brand content shared via the Alkemics App store.

The Internet is also an effective way to take advantage of real-life connections. These new ways of connecting with others online via collaboration tools and social media also apply to relationships between brands and consumers. This was the inspiration for the “multilocal” advertising solution by Armis.

To implement this solution, this Big Data-era company uses geolocation, programmatic buying and machine learning to display the most relevant messages to consumers near the store’s various locations, encouraging them to visit. For Armis, the key feature of contextual advertising is sending a geographically-relevant message that links a product offering to its brand and retailer.

This solution piqued the interest of Henkel Beauty Care, who was looking to maximize the effectiveness of their ad campaign for Schwarzkopf and Saint-Algue Palette hair color among clients of Franprix. The goal was to capture the attention of urban, connected and tech-savvy clients – and, of course, convert this attention into sales.


Engaging brand content was first added to the Armis platform. If this had been done manually (with multiple email exchanges to ensure that the content was up-to-date) this process would have likely been time-consuming and may have missed certain details. To share content quickly and reliably, Armis decided to use the Alkemics App store, as brands on the Alkemics platform can share data with companies on the App store with a single click. This allows businesses like Armis to significantly increase their productivity, while addressing a key concern : making sure they always have the most up-to-date and verified version of the content. If the Armis algorithms represent the motor for this phygital (physical + digital) campaign, then content would be its fuel.


Ads served by Armis (such as Google and Facebook ads or website banners) are linked to the user’s nearest Franprix store. Upon clicking on one of these ads, the user is sent to a mini-site featuring Henkel Beauty Care content (text, images and videos) shared via the Alkemics platform.

The mini-site also provides the user with information such as available product colours and their nearest store’s address and opening hours. This content connects the consumer, the brand and the retailer. With its emphasis on proximity, this strategy achieves a key goal of phygital marketing – making the most of clients’ in-store visits.


This innovative strategy resulted in strong audience engagement, with a viewing time of 2 minutes for each mini-site (each store had it’s own “digital glassdoor”). Another success was their audience – around 60% of viewers were in the campaign’s main target age group, 18-34 years.

“In this campaign, we were able to serve rich brand content, including photos, descriptive videos and tutorials, for products already listed on the Alkemics platform. This allowed us to create a direct link to the sales outlet.” summarized Sophie Moreau, Head of Digital and E-Commerce for Henkel Beauty Care France.

For sales outlets, this campaign also shows how digital can work alongside proximity strategies.

“The ads proved to be very effective in providing our clients with specific information about our stores. We’re looking to offer innovative digital strategies in collaboration with brands, to build even stronger customer relationships.” Stated Franprix

Most of all, this campaign demonstrates how important it is for brands to connect their business solutions to their data and content, in order to make implementation of their marketing campaigns as agile as possible.

Key benefits for Henkel :

  • Quick implementation

  • Innovation

  • Collaboration within the retail ecosystem

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