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L’Arbre Vert improves its content management practices and gains 30% in productivity

L’Arbre Vert Case Study

« Our positioning and our commitments are key market advantages for us. With Alkemics, we can now homogenize our product marketing on e-commerce sites while increasing productivity. »

Anne Lorgeoux

Marketing and Communications, Novamex

Key benefits


gains in productivity

Since 2003, L’Arbre Vert (Novamex) has been fully committed to manufacturing its cleaning and personal hygiene products with the greatest respect to the environment and the health of its consumers. L’Arbre Vert has developed a broad range of products under a single cross-disciplinary brand that attracts over 3 million households each year. It includes: dish soap, laundry and linen care, household cleaning, and even personal hygiene. Its values of preserving resources and insistence on quality have contributed to its success.

 L’Arbre Vert never stops expressing how it is different from the competition. Today, L’Arbre Vert wants to tackle the challenge of digital by providing the same quality of information and content across all communication channels, especially on e-commerce websites.

Situation : Highlights products and brand advantages

L’Arbre Vert demands plain talk. It is a unique brand which serves as a guarantee: our commitments are the same for all of our products. “L’Arbre Vert, which manufactures its products in France (factory in Vienne), is a brand committed to the environment and health. During the buying process, our key advantages can be found on our products’ packaging: L’Arbre Vert develops products without skin allergens* to show more respect for different skin types, even the most sensitive. Their composition without glycol ethers, phthalates, coloring agents, hypoallergenic, tested on volunteers with sensitive skin are the most important keywords for our consumers.” explained Anne Lorgeoux, in charge of Marketing and Communications at Novamex.

L’Arbre Vert is the leading ecological brand with Ecolabel certification to have been sold in supermarkets (since 2003) with the idea of broadening the appeal of this market segment. This was also the first brand approved by ARCAA** allergy specialists (in 2012). The product information (description, labels, and instructions for use) is thus a major lever that supports the brand and reassures consumers.

As a SME, our teams are limited. The growth of e-commerce presents us with new demands and constraints. Sharing our product information with retailers is complex and lacks flexibility today. Filling out dozens of fields in Excel sheets for each e-commerce site is a time-consuming task that require lots of mails, calls, and reminders to see updates live on e-commerce websites. Standardizing our product pages across all websites has lots of benefits : showcasing our advantages, improving the visibility of our products and their value.
Novamex is always improving the quality of its products based on new regulations and raw materials. We need to notify our consumers as soon as possible. Digital gives us this responsiveness.

Novamex has been looking for a new method to update its product information and share it with online sellers.

Solution : Alkemics, the collaborative sharing service of FMCG

Today, Novamex uses Alkemics to exchange information with several of its retailers. “Duplicating a product page or even being able to send it to multiple retailers at one time is a true time saver. With some retailers who have the Alkemics Live Product Page feature, we can even make real-time updates to our product pages. It is an opportunity to align our product pages with our communication efforts.”

In addition to sharing, Alkemics can create real “digital packaging” for the product. “With health and environmental approaches, Labels, and Advice, we can now promote our advantages just the way we want. It is a benefit for our retailers who can leverage our expertise and studies to better present the claims that distinguish our products to consumers”, Anne Lorgeoux adds.

If today the business is focusing above all on the key information on its packaging (labels, advantages, regulatory information), in the future she can see adding other content such as videos, user guides, health advice, etc.

Benefits: More efficient communication

The company with nearly 90 employees is preparing with Alkemics to meet the challenges of omni-channel commerce: to have a coherent message for all platforms and condensed information that is accessible and visible to all consumers.
With Alkemics, we are already gaining 20% to 30% productivity in sending product information to our retailers. And this is what we are already doing now – we can save even more time in the future. This lets us invest bit by bit in other activities to improve the quality of our messages and develop our e-merchandising strategy.

Customer Favorite Features

  • From 20 to 30% gains in productivity

  • Homogenisation and up-to-date product pages

  • Simple access and share for the company

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