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Digitize your tender management to increase productivity and optimize your assortment

Optimize your permanent and promotional assortment by simplifying your tender management and reaching more suppliers


The tender is a decisive phase in the commercial relationship where your Purchasing and Category Management teams must collaborate as effectively as possible with your suppliers to select the best product offer, within a defined and tight schedule.


Your teams in charge of the permanent assortment and sales activities have the following needs:

  • Increase operational efficiency by simplifying internal processes.
  • Source a greater number of suppliers to ensure that your permanent assortment and promotions fulfil consumer expectations.
  • Minimize the risk of errors with reliable product information.
  • Better manage tenders process.

Increase operational efficiency

Provide your teams with a workflow to facilitate exchanges around the promotional process

Reach more suppliers with your calls for tender

Having direct access to potential new suppliers on the platform allows you to maximize your choice of offers to better meet consumer needs and market trends

Guarantee data quality

Increase the reliability of your product data throughout the tender cycle thanks to quality controls .

Centrally manage the entire tender management process

Simplify the traceability of your exchanges and agreements with your suppliers