Facilitate collaboration around your private labels

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Manage your private label and your product catalog to develop your sales

Centralize and share your private label product information with internal teams (promotions, catalogues, etc.) and consumer apps.

Faced with the challenge to speed up product time-to-market and with increasing consumer expectations for transparency, sharing complete and reliable data on various channels becomes a key issue.

As a private label manager, you need to:

  • Simply share private label product information with teams internal teams
  • Share the private label catalog with third-party applications viewed by consumers
  • Promote the catalog of private label products in leaflets, on e-commerce sites, etc.

An intuitive web interface

Centralize and standardize the data of your private label products via a dedicated online portal and share them directly with your systems or third-party applications.

Save time with our support features

Take advantage of automated quality controls by product category, express completion of mandatory data, and automatic suggestions.

Easily centralize and share your product information

Thanks to our API connections, automatically integrate your private label product information from your internal tools (PLM) into Alkemics and export it to feed your e-commerce sites.

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