Accelerate product go-to-market

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Lower listing effort. Faster time-to-market

Transform your business processes and gain efficiency with Alkemics’ flexible data model, advanced listing and supplier relationship management functionalities. Our results speak for themselves: listing effort 71% lower, time-to-market 60% faster.*

*Source: Client case, impact of the use of the Alkemics Platform.

Automate and accelerate your listing process while reducing data quality errors

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Automate data collection

For all types of data (marketing, regulations, logistics, tarifs) covering all internal business cases (product listing in stores, content publication on e-commerce, merchandising, CSR etc).

Adapt your data model

Alkemics’ parallel and sequential data collection technologies allow for the adaption of the data model and validation rules according to your business processes and user types.

Improve data quality

Alkemics offers an Integrated Smart Data Quality Assistant applying systematic controls and suggestions based on AI and validation rules.

Manage supplier relationship

Measurement of supplier performance thanks to Alkemics’ dedicated reporting on supplier’s reactivity, data quality or retailers’ business processes.

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