Seeking a more effective way to share data?

Retailers require specific information in multiple formats. Gathering, formatting and sharing data is complex and time consuming. Alkemics simplifies, centralizes and automates the way product data is shared, improving productivity.

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1. Streamline data sharing with retailers on one platform

  • Grocery and selective retailers (buying groups, Click and Collect, pure players)
  • Share product data via GDSN (GS1 standard)
  • Generate Excel files in the formats required by your retailers
  • Manage all data (logistics, regulatory, marketing and pricing data, visuals, etc.)
  • Manage calls for tenders

2. Enter the right data every time instantly

  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Pre-configured product page templates for each retailer
  • Productivity tools (product duplication, bulk editing, Excel imports, etc.)
  • Product attributes automatically adapted to the product category
  • Data input based on retailer requirements
  • Enter mandatory information using automated suggestions

3. Share data with colleagues and retailers

  • Centralize all product data on a single platform (including logistics, marketing and pricing data, visuals, and more.)
  • Manage access permissions with colleagues (read-only, editing and sharing permissions, etc.)
  • Easily share data with current software via Alkemics App Store

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