Solutions for companies in Europe and around the world

Simplify data sharing and collaboration with all of your teams, whether global or local, using a single versatile platform. Send product data to retailers and partners in the format they need (GDSN, API, Excel, web, etc.)

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1. Manage your brand’s image on all distribution channels, around the world

  • A single, reliable data sharing tool for all of your markets
  • Manage your brands on both a global and local scale
  • Automate the process of sharing product data across all of your sales and marketing channels

2. Customize and publish content for each of your markets

  • Localize your product information, including rich content, for each country
  • Organize your product updates by market or by region, to streamline the process
  • Set up account permissions for different sales channels, enabling your teams to focus on their respective regions

3. Cost-effective implementation

  • A centralized product page that you can share with all of your distribution channels, both online and offline
  • Automated processes as a differentiating factor
  • Quickly select which information you want to share with each collaborator, speeding up your go-to-market

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