Are you a GS1 Member Organisation?

In order to support their community of suppliers and retailers in a omnichannel world, GS1 MOs need to ease standard adoption and usage and accelerate innovation by enabling core and value-added services aligned with the GS1 Global Office strategy.

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1. A platform for GS1 MOs, suppliers and retailers

  • GS1 certified platform, for both local and global needs
  • All-in-1 solution for suppliers and retailers
  • Seamless deployment of new attributes
  • Integrate 3rd party services connected to suppliers or retailers

2. Boost standard adoption and usage

  • Store : Marketing, regulatory, logistics, pricing data and content
  • Exchange : source datapool and recipient datapool
  • Coordinate : Integrated communication and correction tools (chat, smart suggestions with AI, etc…)
  • Automate and monitor data requests

3. Ensure product data quality

  • Integrated 3rd party quality checks
  • Preview of custom validation rules for retailers
  • Real-time and AI-based error detection and data enrichment
  • Advanced data quality reporting

4. Accelerate Innovation and Digital Transformation

  • Flexible platform with configurable datamodel and workflows
  • Enable new business scenarios to tackle digital challenges
  • Integrate with content creators and data capture services

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