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While high-quality, consistent data is key to effective communications between brands and retailers, its main purpose is to inform customers throughout their entire omnichannel journey.
Connecting your product data to each consumer touchpoint enables you to provide your customers with comprehensive and complete product information.

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1. Increase your brand’s visibility on new sales channels

  • Online searches and Google Shopping: Google Manufacturer Center Services
  • Mobile apps and services: Yuka, ShopAdvizor, Allergobox, Far and Eugene (Uzer).

2. Simplify the purchasing process via your marketing tools

  • Shopping services and Where to Buy solutions for all of your digital platforms
  • Click2Buy’s Buy Now button
  • Swaven’s Point of Purchase solution

3. Use a single tool to communicate with all of your retailers

  • Phygital strategy, multilocal advertising
  • Electronic shelf labels by SES-Imagotag
  • Geotargeted ad delivery near each store via Armis
  • Recommendations and digital coupons via BudgetBox

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