List your products and collaborate with suppliers via a single digital platform

An efficient way to collaborate and share data with all of your suppliers

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1. Enhance the omnichannel experience for more effective collaborations with your clients

Product data is at the heart of process automation and digital transformation in retail. Quality product data ensures a high level of operational excellence and enables you to further develop your customer experience.

  • Meet regulatory obligations for consumer information
  • Optimize the e-commerce experience with search features and themed offerings
  • Digitize and personalize the purchasing journey, including in-store displays, mobile apps, custom product selections, and more.
  • Refine your offerings: analyze and manage various different aspects of your product lines (including organic products, nutritional information, etc.)
  • Perform more comprehensive analyses: sizes, flavours, promotions, EAN, etc.

2. Manage conversations and data sharing with all of your suppliers via a single tool

No more exceptions: Alkemics provides you with the tools and resources that you need to communicate with all of your suppliers and share all of the data that you need.

  • Manage various different types of data, including marketing, regulatory, logistical and pricing data, visuals, and more.
  • Manage data in various different formats and protocols: GDSN, Excel, and the Alkemics retailer web portal
  • Use the same tools to manage both store brands and national brands
  • Manage shared markets (importers, intermediaries, etc.)
  • Onboarding processes for new suppliers

3. Automate the product listing process to speed up the time to market of your products

This automated platform for collecting, verifying and sharing your product data can be integrated with your own tools, Increasing the reliability and efficiency of your product listing process.

  • Preconfigured processes: product listing, enriched product pages on e-commerce sites, product listing order, etc.
  • Automated processes: Send requests, detect common errors, reject product pages
  • Customizable validation parameters
  • Check for the presence of pre-configured regulatory data (INCO, CELEX, CLP)
  • A variety of different integration options: API, JSON, XML, or file-based

4. Manage your communications with suppliers and verify data quality

Alkemics enables you to streamline and steer the way you collect product data, with sections for each of your suppliers. This lets you optimize your interactions with your suppliers, as well as the process of monitoring product data quality.

  • Supplier dashboards: keep track of requests, messages received, pending corrections, and data quality
  • Data collection dashboards: track the product data that has been provided (regulatory data, visuals, total data, etc.)
  • An integrated correction feature: Request corrections, show autosuggestions
  • Integrated communication tools: A messaging feature to send and reply to requests from suppliers

They collaborate on Alkemics

Alkemics is ISO 27001 certified.

This certification demonstrates our commitment to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of our customers’ information.

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