Solutions for technical, logistical and data management professionals

Looking for ways to optimize your workflow and data management processes, manage complex data structures, and connect your various different tools to address new business challenges? Automate your data sharing process with our ready-to-use connectors. Centralize and standardize your data management processes within your company, while ensuring data security.

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1. A solution designed for all companies, whatever their size

  • An online SaaS solution designed for the agri-food, health and personal care and pharmaceutical sectors
  • International GS1 GDSN certification and GDSN qualification in France
  • Easily accessible for all of your collaborators with Single Sign On integration

2. Streamline your workflow with our all-in-one solution

  • Datapool GS1 GDSN Solution (product + pricing pages)
  • Create Excel matrices in the format your retailers need
  • Integrated PIM/DAM solutions to centralize and manage product information and content
  • Preconfigured retailer data models and product pages available

3. Ensure product data quality and safeguard your communications with retailers

  • Monitor data quality, based on your retailers’ guidelines
  • Launch new products according to your timeline and your retailers’ needs
  • A streamlined user experience: access a simplified product page template for each of your collaborators, highlighting mandatory fields
  • Access controls for all new pages that are published
  • Automatic updates for all of your online distribution channels, ensuring that the most up-to-date product data is always present
  • Manage user permissions

4. Connect the Alkemics platform to your existing tools

  • Alkemics is a certified GS1 GDSN subscriber and publisher
  • Import API to connect Alkemics to other platforms (ERP, PIM, DAM, PLM, MDM, etc.)
  • Export API to send data to other tools and channels (Brand websites, apps, etc.)
  • App Store: Solutions from our partners to integrate with your tools and services (Data Impact, Clavis Insight, Swaven, Click2Buy, etc.)
  • App Store: Simplify the process of creating your product pages by connecting with photographers, packaging design agencies, etc.

GDSN: When product information is accessible and accurate, your business wins

The Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) is the world’s largest product data network. GDSN makes it possible for any company, in any market, to share high-quality product information seamlessly. Because companies of all sizes need the same thing—timely and reliable product information—to ultimately benefit consumers and patients.

With GDSN, high quality product content is uploaded, maintained and shared automatically, ensuring trading partners have immediate access to the most current and complete information needed to exchange products on both local and global markets.
Any company that needs to send or receive product information can take advantage of GDSN by subscribing to a data pool.
Your data pool will enable you to set up your product content and synchronize it with all your trading partners, so you can plug in reliable data for all markets at one time.

GDSN realizes powerful benefits for your business:

  • Share real-time product content with all trading partners simultaneously.
  • Decrease data management time and costs
  • Eliminate manual processes and reduce errors, generating quality
  • Bring new products to market quickly and easily
  • Enable brand transparency to consumers and patients

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