Alkemics is ISO 27001 certified.

Logo certification ISO 27001 et ANAB

The ISO 27001 certification demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the availability, integrity and confidentiality of our customers’ data.
This international standard confirms the trustworthiness and excellence of our Information Security Management System.

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Why we decided to become ISO 27001 certified

For Alkemics, the trust of our clients and partners is paramount, and is notably achieved through the enhanced reliability and security of the platform.

The ISO 27001 assures our clients and partners that we have implemented systematic processes to identify, evaluate and address risks, as well as systematic quality and security checks.

The goal is to address any risks in a preventative manner, limiting their impact as well as any possible damage to our company and the companies that we work with.

This certification covers both the technological platform developed by our company, as well as our internal and external processes.

What risks do this certification enable us to address?

Platforms enabling collaborations with suppliers are essential in at least 3 ways:

  • They allow for the exchange of confidential information, vital for effective commercial relations between manufacturers and retailers.
  • They are used 24 hours a day to facilitate a process that is essential for companies’ effective functioning, and therefore must be able to provide optimal availability.
  • They store and facilitate the sharing of a large quantity of data, and must therefore offer a great deal of scalability and reactivity.

For these reasons, manufacturers and retailers need to make sure that security, a high degree of availability, scalability and capacity planning are an integral part of the operational processes of companies that provide these platforms. Our ISO 27001 certification is proof that these considerations are at the heart of our operations.

Performed by A-lign, independent auditor and international certifying body, the scope of this certification includes all policies, procedures and verifications implemented at Alkemics.

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