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Food delivery #Episode1: Express delivery wins over consumers

Driven by the health crisis, express grocery delivery has reached a new milestone, with partnerships between Carrefour and Deliveroo as well as between Casino and Uber Eats. These collaborations speak volumes about this trend, which has become deeply engrained in new consumer buying habits..

In Europe, grocery e-commerce jumped by 60% in 2020. A practical option at a time when many cannot go out to run errands, more and more people are choosing home delivery. In addition, remote work and study mean more people are eating meals at home, while many are seeking to reduce in-person interactions while shopping and are concerned about waiting in checkout lines. All of this means that consumers in France are quickly (re)discovering the benefits of online supermarkets that can bring groceries right to their door… sometimes even in record time!

Online sales have seen an unprecedented surge since March of 2020. In France, according to Kantar, spending on fast-moving consumer goods and fresh foods saw an increase of 55% between May and June, compared to the same period in 2019.

A direct consequence of these surges is a lack of available time slots for home delivery. Given this, Uber Eats and Deliveroo, who typically work with restaurants, have opened their platforms to grocery delivery… and to supermarkets.

This collaboration with experts in the field is a wise move for Carrefour and Casino, who see it as a way to complement their delivery services, which have been more in-demand than ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic… as well as to meet a growing consumer demand for quick home delivery, sometimes even in record time, and even for fresh groceries and everyday items.

These new partnerships have strengthened since their beginnings in spring of 2020, as retailers have understood that this trend is here to stay. According to another study by McKinsey, half of the consumers in Europe who used online channels during the pandemic intend to continue making purchases via these channels. 25% have even stated that they plan to increase their online grocery purchases. Uber Eats users residing in the Ile-de-France region can now use the app to order around a hundred products from Carrefour stores. Deliveroo users can also order products from Carrefour and have them delivered in less than 30 minutes in Paris, and soon in ten other large cities in France. This collaboration between these two companies also extends to several other European countries.

At the same time, the Casino Group has announced a similar service in partnership with Uber Eats, available in nearly 200 cities. Several of the group’s retailers, including Franprix, Monop’, La Nouvelle Cave and Le Drugstore Parisien, have made hundreds of products available on these apps, delivered in less than 30 minutes. The service will also be extended to other brands within the group. A once-experimental delivery service has given rise to a new delivery circuit, widely adopted by large grocery retailers. Users of Uber Eats and Deliveroo will also note the presence of certain members of Leclerc (in Lille and Paris), M&S Food, CocciMarket, G20 and Cora in the “grocery” and “specialty foods” sections of the app.

Beyond express delivery, what else will tech giants bring to grocery retail? The opportunity to list local businesses, widely popular with consumers in France, as well as access to young, city-dwelling and tech-savvy consumers, and with this, better knowledge of the buying preferences of consumers in cities – as long as the effects of one of their main weaknesses – out of stock products – can be mitigated, and shoppers are not disappointed. Moreover, tech companies can also offer an optimised buying experience, notably via content enriched with complete product information and photos that make customers want to order online.

These new challenges are even more important to keep tabs on, as express home delivery is also sharpening consumer appetites for other services: from Amazon Prime to a whole new generation of retail players.

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