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Digital technologies are transforming the consumer journey, as well as communications between brands and retailers

par Florence4 March 20190 commentaires

With the rise in new digital technologies, consumers are becoming consumer-actors

Consumers are seeking out more and more information about the products they purchase. The digital world, with its wealth of information available, has turned these consumers into consumer-actors, participating actively in the entire purchasing journey and even in the co-creation of brands’ offerings: they read, learn, evaluate their choices, make selections, leave comments, and share their opinions. To do this, consumers need access to complete and detailed product information. At the same time, digital technologies have led to the development of e-commerce, as well as new distribution channels such as Click and Collect, online pure players, marketplaces, etc.

A greater need for product data

With these new developments, it is more important than ever for brands and retailers to collaborate and share data on products that are being sold, to ensure that this data meets consumer needs. E-commerce sites selling mass-market products need high-quality, digitized, and up-to-date data for their product pages.

European legislation has established labeling regulations for food items, making it necessary for companies to provide consumers with access to the same amount of information online as they would have if they were buying the product in a bricks-and-mortar store (composition and ingredients list, nutritional values, allergens, customer service contact, preparation instructions, hazardous materials information, storage instructions, etc.)

The implementation of European regulations (notably INCO n°1169/2011 for food products) is now monitored by the DGCCRF* to ensure that consumers have access to the product information they need, and that this information is as transparent as possible. (* the Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Prevention of Fraud in France)

This means that product data has become a key element of the relationships between brands, retailers and consumers — and sharing this data has become a challenge.

The launch of collaborative platforms for brands and retailers

The solution: a collaborative platform that both brands and retailers can contribute to. These platforms are opening the door to a new way of working, collaborating and sharing data that is essential for selling products the retail sector (regulatory product information, logistical data, instructions for use, etc.)

This is the approach that Alkemics has taken. Founded three years ago and currently used by more than 2700 brands and 90% of grocery e-commerce sites in France, this solution enables both brands and retailers to be:

Closer to the end consumer — increasing product transparency by collecting product data such as nutritional information, allergens and exact product composition, product tutorials, etc. and sharing it with consumers.

More collaborative — the platform is designed to encourage collaboration and communications between brands and retailers. It also gives brands more control over the product data that is visible at (digital) points of sale.

More efficient — the platform helps brands speed up their products’ time to market, and simplifies the product listing process (“90% time saved during the process of listing a new product,” Philippe Briffault – Yooji)

More innovative — this solution supports and speeds up retailers’ digital transformation, including SMEs, by facilitating the collection, centralization, standardization and sharing of high-quality, digitized data.

More transparent and secure — messages sent via the platform are traceable.

The Alkemics platform can be used by both large and small brands, enabling them to collaborate with retailers. This “plug and play” solution offers significant productivity gains, even for smaller teams. All you need is an internet connection!

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Après 10ans d'expérience dans les équipes commerciales, category management et marketing de grands groupes industriels (Beiersdorf, Colgate Palmolive), Florence a rejoint la start-up Alkemics à ses débuts en apportant son expertise métier retail. Elle accompagne désormais le développement et la promotion de la plateforme en tant que directrice marketing.

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